All our systems are delivered with a standard training session - held after on-site acceptance test for the customers operation and maintenance personnel.

The training addresses system overview, system preventative maintenance, spare parts handling, system administration and routine operations.

Topics to be covered are as follows:

Topic Method of Instruction Subject
1a Lecture and Demonstration Overview and Introduction – Student orientation: Introduction to the MEOS™ system; purpose, description, and special characteristics. Documentation of system.
1b Lecture and Demonstration System and Operation Description – Overall system operation, operating controls and indicators, operational procedures.
1c Hands-on experience System Operation – Practical operation of the system
1d Hands-on experience Spare Parts – Overview, storage and replacement
System Functional Description
2a Lecture and Demonstration Receiving System Functional Description – General functional description of the antenna and front-end equipment.
2b Lecture and Demonstration Direct Ingest System Functional Description – General functional description of the MEOS™ subsystems.
2c Lecture and Demonstration Station Control System Description – General to detailed functional description of control subsystem. Breakdown of subsystem by units. 
3a Lecture Maintenance Philosophy – Explanation of system maintenance philosophy; level of repair, troubleshooting techniques, preventative maintenance procedures and practices, including safety.
3b Lecture Subsystem Fault Isolation – Troubleshooting demonstrations and practice.  Use of manuals, reference data and test equipment to isolate faults to lowest replaceable unit
3c Lecture and demonstration MEOS™ System Installation – Installation of entire system and system upgrades. Configuration.
Course Summary
4a Lecture Course Summary – Review of material; question-and-answer period.
4b Lecture Course Conclusion – Course critique