MEOS™ Watch

A comprehensive SOA based geographical information and monitoring system


Barents Watch GUI showing combination of fishing activity / spawn / feeding grounds of North East Artic cod and planned seisimic activity

”A place to visit” – information portal for diverse data, discussion and debate – added knowledge SOA based architecture. Provide a complete multi-dimensional common recognized picture of the geographical area from many sources of data.

MEOS™ Watch solves the challenge to put together vast amounts of geographically located data and present this in a common WEB map system, to provide a common recognized picture. The data is typically satellite data (images), in situ data, observations, meteorology, and maps. Data may be spread in time, geographic resolution and have service provider specific formats. Combined with the Kongsberg Spacetec knowledge in system design and development, surveillance systems for maritime as well as land use and forestry can be realized.

Key features

  • Open standard
  • Integration framework
  • Distributed ownership of data among users and service providers
  • Visible through social media
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Share of geoinformation – mobile units
  • Always updated – growing content
  • Easy to add content
  • Easy to add service providers
  • Active visibility
  • ”share”, ”fan-page”, ”groups”, Mail, SMS