KONGSBERG Space Ground Systems has over several years developed systems for maritime surveillance based on Radar satellites.

MEOS Watch is a full blown information portal where a diversity of users can retrieve, fuse, analyze, discuss and share geo-located or geo-tagged content.


New data and services can be added to the system at any time, provided the services are compliant to one of the open OGC standards supported, such as WMS, WFS, WCS, SOS, WPS and CSW.


KONGSBERG Space Ground Systems surveillance systems are ideal for providing all users and stake holders the same maritime recognized picture. The systems integrate and present a multitude of information sources, giving all users access to the same relevant and up to date information whether they are dealing with oil-spill services, maritime vessel control or general maritime area surveillance.


Our long term work in the field of satellite based oil spill detection triggered the development of MEOS™ Watch.

It has now matured and developed into an elaborate decision support system and geospatial data service center.

MEOS Watch is now an integral part of the KONGSBERG Space Ground Systems product family.