Copernicus Sentinel systems

KONGSBERG Space Ground Systems provides RS - Remote Sensing - satellite ground stations including antenna, demodulator, baseband processing, Level-0, Level-1, applications processing, archiving and Web catalogue. Stations are either single mission terminals or multi mission to support a range of satellites such as Sentinel, EOS, DMC and others.


Collaborative Ground Segment (CGS) for reception and processing of Sentinel-1 data.


The MEOS™ S-1 CGS is a multi-computer processing suite that provides Sentinel-1 products in near real-time.

Key Features:
    • Fast and full featured S-1 CollGS functionality.
    • Saves operation costs by automation.
    • Supports priority L1-processing for near real-time demands.
    • Field expandable capacity and functionality.
    • Supports the official ESA IPF, including L1 slicing and assembly.
    • Provides S-1 L0 standard and slice products.
    • Optimized for near real-time services.
    • Supports filtered NRT-distribution from MEOS™ HRDFEP.