MEOS™ - Multimission Earth Observation System for remote sensing and Meteorological Satellite Ground systems

Satellite antenna systems

The MEOS™ Antenna product lines consist of high performance data acquisition and management systems for the most demanding proffesional users, developed to bring all the users data safely home, always.

Satellite checkout and test systems

Kongsberg Spacetec integrates SCOE systems based on user requirements. Main building blocks are standard satellite data capture systems and control systems combined with applicable engineering.

Copernicus Sentinel systems

Kongsberg Spacetec provides RS - Remote Sensing - satellite ground stations including antenna, demodulator, baseband processing, Level-0, Level-1, applications processing, archiving and Web catalogue. Stations are either single mission terminals or multi mission to support a range of satellites such as Sentinel, EOS, DMC and others.

Satellite ground station Monitoring and Control systems

MEOS™ Monitoring and Control is a flexible and scalable system providing seamless integration of satellite ground stations. It offers the user one interface for both local and remote monitoring and control of each particular subsystem, the entire ground station, as well as networks of ground stations.


Kongsberg Spacetec has over several years developed systems for Maritime surveillance based on Radars satellites.

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