MEOS™ Capture HRDFEP to Matera User Ground Station

e-GEOS signed a contract with KSPT for delivery of one MEOS™ Capture HRDFEP, including fibre connection for HRDFEP to LAN.

The MEOS™ Capture HRDFEP will be installed as a component of Matera User Ground Station (MUGS). MUGS will be installed and integrated at the ASI Italian Space Agency Geodesy Centre - G. Colombo. In the construction of MUGS e-GEOS acts as prime contractor in a project managed by ESA in the framework ESA’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES).

The MEOS™ Capture HRDFEP is a high performance, fully programmable data receiver, demodulator, acquisition and telemetry processing system for the most demanding professional users.

For information about our customer:  e-GEOS