MEOS™ Capture HRDFEP - New version launched

In December 2019, KDA Spacetec launched our new product MEOS™ Capture HRDFEP v5. Version 5 is both an evolution and a revolutive version compared to version 4.

The MEOS™ Capture HRDFEP is a high performance, fully programmable data receiver, demodulator, acquisition and telemetry processing system for the most demanding professional users.

Current users of MEOS™ Capture includes NASA EDOS, ESA, EUMETSAT and Kongsberg Satellite Services. Typical applications are remote sensing and meteorological satellite ground stations, EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) and SCOE (Special CheckOut Equipment) systems.

For those familiar with earlier versions, the SCS (Station Control System) has now been retired completely, together with the old Rolling Archive system. The demodulator, ingest and modulator boards have all been made obsolete by a new generation of boards.

The MEOS™ Middleware has been updated to version 4, with several new features and stability improvements. It now supports maintenance of directories, replacing the old Rolling Archive mechanism with a simpler and more robust implementation. The instruction functionality found in the SCS is now replaced by separate stage rules, allowing increased flexibility in setting up and handling the data flow through the system. Each stage rule can be enabled/disabled directly from the GUI, providing an easy way to alter the data flow and/or processing.

The MEOS™ Capture HRDFEP  system supports both 720 MHz and 1200 MHz input. The system support 500 Mega symbols per second (Msym/s), which means that it supports a data rate of up to 2.7 Gigabit per second (Gbps). Physically, the system is designed to be able to support two independent input channels in a single compact 2U unit.

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