X- and L-band receiving system for Met.no

Kongsberg Spacetec won the open tender from The Norwegian Meteorological Institute, to provide a new receiving system for data from X- and L-band satellites.

The proposed system consists of our MEOS™ 3.8 m X/L band tracking antenna and will support operational tracking, reception and processing of data from NOAA, METOP, Terra and Aqua, FY3, Suomi NPP and JPSS series of missions.

Installation of the system will take place later in 2013.


The Kongsberg Spacetec MEOS™ Antenna comes with dish sizes up to 4.3 m. This gives sufficient margin for data reception from direct readout and remote sensing satellites. Designed for optimal maintainability and reliability, the MEOS™ Antenna utilizes the most modern industrial components available. 25 years of satellite ground system experience is built into the design.

When integrated with a MEOS™ receiver and processing system, the total unit is a high performance data reception and processing terminal.