ESA´s Instrument processing facility successfully integrated in our Sentinels Collaborative Ground Segment solution


Although Kongsberg Spacetec - KSPT - has our own, near real time Synthetic Aperture Radar processor - MEOS™ NRTSAR, we recently completed the integration of the Sentinel-1 Instrument Processing Facility (IPF) from the European Space Agency (ESA) in MEOS™ CollGS; our complete ground station solution for Sentinel Collaborative Ground Segments (CGS).

Example of Copernicus data from ESA:

Copernicus-Italy 2014

©Copernicus data (2014)/ESA - Central/Southern Italy

The ESA IPF is a Sentinel-1 processor related to the one in use at the Sentinel-1 core ground segments, and is available from ESA for all national collaborative ground stations within the European Union or ESA member states.

The Kongsberg Spacetec MEOS™ CollGS system seamlessly integrates the ESA IPF, the MEOS™ Sentinel-1 level0 processor and the same KSPT developed receiver and front end processor as used by all ESA Sentinel-1 core ground segments. All subsystems perfectly orchestrated for autonomous operations by the well proven control system and graphical user interface found in all MEOS™ systems.

The MEOS™ NRTSAR processor does processing in parallel with reception, which allows service delivery to start while data is received from the satellite.
This processor can also be included in the system, giving the user the possibility to provide services from synthetic aperture radar data close to real time.

The full MEOS™ CollGS system is a compact, yet powerful, ground station solution for Sentinel-1, upgradable to include also Sentinel-2 reception and processing capabilities in the near future.

Information about ESA Sentinel:

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