Ka-band receive test- Snowbear project

Kongsberg Spacetec has signed a contract with Kongsberg Satellite Services to supply the Ka-band receiver for the ESA Snowbear project. The project will set up a Ka-band receiving station on Svalbard and run a test campaign to characterize Ka-band receiving conditions on Svalbard.

High Rate Demodulator & Front End Processor (HRDFEP) delivery to Norwegian Space Center

The Norwegian Space Centre has ordered one HRDFEP receiver from Kongsberg Spacetec AS, that will be used for delivering Sentinel-1 A/B data to the MEOS NRT-SAR processing system, as part of the national ground segment for Copernicus.The MEOS NRT-SAR system is designed to process from raw data received in real time from the HRDFEP, ensuring the shortest possible time delay between downlink and delivered SAR product.

New contract with Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc/NASA

Kongsberg Spacetec has received a new purchase order from Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc/NASA,for three HRDFEP systems that will replace the last EBOX-S in the next couple of months. The systems will be deployed in the NASA EOS EDOS ground station network for reception and distribution of data from the EOS satellite fleet.

New contract with Finnish Meteorological Institute

Kongsberg Spacetec has signed a new contract with the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) for an upgrade of their existing MEOS Control system. The upgraded system will be able to control two antennas and resolve conflicts in case of overlapping satellite passes based on the priority lists. An upgraded GUI will also be available and will show passes from two antennas on a single schedule using colour coding.

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